Discover the Truth About Bitcoin

A Beginner's Guide to the world's new digital money

Learn how to invest and protect your wealth safely using the world’s new “Digital Money”.

NOW also available: audio read by the author Liam Naden.

What you will learn:

All About Bitcoin

What is Bitcoin?

How does Bitcoin Work?

Who owns Bitcoin?

The Truth About Bitcoin

Will Bitcoin be banned?

Is Bitcoin bad for the environment?

Is my money safe?

Is Bitcoin a good investment?

Could one Bitcoin be worth one million dollars one day?

Using Bitcoin

How to buy and sell Bitcoin: quickly and easily

How to get a loan with Bitcoin

How to earn up to 6% interest with Bitcoin

And much more

The greatest opportunity of your lifetime or a scam?

Bitcoin is owned by more than 300 million people worldwide, including billionaires, banks, politicians, governments, and people from every country on earth.


Is Bitcoin right for you?

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More than 1000 hours of research has gone into this book...

Written in an easy-to-understand, non-technical language, this powerful guide is your next step in making the right financial decisions for you and your family.
It could be your passport to financial freedom.

NOW also with audio read by the author Liam Naden.

(The information in this book is for educational and information purposes only. It is not presented as financial advice.)

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A great introduction

A great introduction. I had so many questions about Bitcoin, and this book answered them all. I've just bought my first Bitcoin and I'm very excited. Thank you so much!

John Matthews

We think you should own, Should You Own Bitcoin...

We really enjoyed listening to this book. We are already Bitcoiners and had made our decision a long time ago. But if we wanted to write a book highlighting the key points that Bitcoin is important, it would have been structured like this book.
It touches the key points and provides great examples of why Bitcoin is important in a fair amount of time without being too long and technical.
A great book for someone new and wanting sound reasoning to why Bitcoin is important.
A great book to share with people who are interested and have a lot of questions.
We like it so much, we have added it to our recommended reading list for people.
We think you should own, Should You Own Bitcoin.
Nicki and James

Nicki & James in El Salvador

If you have been interested in learning more about bitcoin, read this book!

This book is the perfect introduction to the world of Bitcoin and its importance as well as It’s uses, as well as how to get started. It is easy to read and has great steps as to what you would benefit by doing first and then what you next best step should be. What I think is most important is that the author shares with you the importance of learning about and using bitcoin now. If you have been interested in learning more about bitcoin, read this book!

Vickie Helm